Real Estate

edenpics-com_005-047-yellow-lilium-flower-with-red-zones-switzerland-bern-interlaken.jpg In the present real estate market, the seller needs an edge. I can provide you with the edge you need to make that sale! Feng Shui takes “staging” to a new level by creating an inviting new energy based on ancient principals that have been proven over and over to be effective, and by removing the strong influence of the present owners which helps the prospective buyer to imagine the home containing their own furnishings. I also check the building and land for ghosts and negative energies and remove those influences. Making the home “feel better” is so important to the buyer! Sometimes a Real Estate salesperson will advise you to “just paint it beige”. This will not always help your home stand out from the crowd. The subtle use of right colors can make all the difference.

Assisting the owner in detaching emotionally from the home is also important, helping them make more objective decisions regarding the price and what they are willing to do to secure the sale.

Depending on the budget of the owner, I can suggest small inexpensive upgrades and cost-free quick tips to enhance the curb appeal of your home. First impressions are very important!

I have recently added phone consults to my real estate services. Clients can send me photos and floor plans of homes they wish to buy or sell and I can give sound advice and actions to take to achieve their goals. This save time and money for the client!

The placement of a minimum amount of furnishings, flowers, lighting and color can have a powerful attraction for the prospective buyer and the removal of visual and non-visual irritants make all the difference!