Feng Shui

“Brenda helped me transform my space
to create a more nurturing and peaceful
home environment for my family.”
Laurie M.-Queensbury, NY

new-picture.jpgFeng Shui is an ancient and proven art that is finally coming into its own! Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. The Wind provides the movement or flow of chi (universal life force energy) which affects everything. The Water provides the container or receiver of chi.

Feng Shui principles are designed to harmonize the surrounding influences. Depending on your personal needs, personality, and long term goals, your environment can be energetically “upgraded” to better serve your well-being without expensive changes. Simple things like color, natural light, and object placement can create a huge difference.

By assessment of your home or office I can advise you on specific changes to enhance your health, wealth, reputation, and relationships. It’s all about bringing all the parts of your life into balance!

I teach workshops in Feng Shui basics so people can make their own changes and  to have the fun of creating an environment that fits their own personality and needs.

The system of Feng Shui utilized is Tibetan Black Hat – developed by Professor Lin Yun. This system is easily adaptable to Western culture and architecture, no need for red tassels and beaded curtains unless they fit in with your style!