The “Wealth” Corner

purple-beauty.jpg   Need more money?

Many interior factors will drain your finances. Leaking pipes, a dripping faucet, clutter in the “wealth” area of your home, a trash can in the” wealth” corner of the kitchen, etc. The maintenance of plumbing is crucial as well as clearing the clutter in all areas of your home. You should keep a coin jar in the far left corner of your home and place the special wealth colors of purple, green and gold in that area to encourage the flow of money. Amethyst is the stone of wealth and a piece kept in every wealth corner of your home can invite prosperity. Certain symbols such as moving water or fish also represent the flow of money.

Clutter tends to stagnate the flow of energy in a home and helps those who live there to stay “stuck”. If you want to get your life moving, you have to get the energy moving! You should never have a trash can in any of your Wealth areas…that symbolizes throwing money away.

The right use of color, positive imagery, and the right balance of elements applied with clear intention, can make all the difference.

Once you identify all the areas of your life that are “stuck”, specific cures with right intention can be applied to get your life and your finances moving forward again.