Seeking Better Sleep?

fern.jpg    Do you always get a good night’s sleep?

Having a television or a computer in your bedroom is highly disruptive to sleep patterns. They emit an electromagnetic frequency which disturbs brain waves even when they are turned off. Actually, limiting all electronics is good. If you want an electric alarm clock, position it at least four feet from your head. That way, you can’t hit the snooze button; you have to get out of bed!

Other disruptive factors include poorly placed mirrors, a color that is not condusive to restful sleep, a bathroom directly off the bedroom, and the position of the bed in relation to the doorways. There are specific cures for each of these situations that are easy to do and cost very little.

Removing electronics from the bedroom, reducing the number of books in your bedroom, and making sure there are no work-related items there will definitely make a difference.

We spend one third of our lives in the bedroom! It should be a restful sanctuary where our body can restore itself and give us greater health and well-being!

Good sleep is good Feng Shui!