Adventures in Ghostbusting

A facinating¬†aspect of space clearing is the removal (rescue) of ghosts and entities. While not everyone is sensitive to ghosts or even believes in their existence, the truth is, they do exist. At times, in their need to be noticed, they can cause annoying events to take place. Often, they are “stuck” because of unresolved emotional issues from the lifetime they have left behind. Sometimes, they are trying to help their family members that are still among the living. More rarely, they are immature clusters of spirits (poltergeists) that truly can cause disruptions in electrical¬† items like televisions, phones, appliances, computers,etc.

Places like battlefields, cemeteries, jails, murder sites; or places where large numbers of people perished due to fires, floods or other natural disasters have occurred, are places that need clearing. The energetic resonance of the fear and suffering remain in these places and affect the living who are nearby. New housing developments are also places likely to be in need of clearing because the excavation can disturb the energy of those who lived long ago in that area.

I have done extensive clearing work at the Saratoga Battlefield, many cemeteries, and most recently the old Washington County Courthouse in Salem,NY.

People notice a definite change when the work is done. The air feels cleaner, colors brighter, and moods are lifted. Even the electrical and mechanical systems in these places work better and people feel safer and calmer. I will be adding posts from time to time on specific space clearing jobs.

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