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Clean it up

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Did you know…..

A kitchen sponge holds at times more active bacteria than the toilet bowl. Sterilize it in the dishwasher or replace it frequently.

That when you flush the toilet, particles of toilet water are scattered eight feet in all directions.   ALWAYS close the lid before you flush.

Your cutting board has lots of germs.   Clean it with white vinegar at least every other time you use it.

Your coffeemaker will last longer if you clean it well once or twice a month.   Clean it by running it with a white vinegar solution twice in a row then rinse with plain water.

Make my day!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

There is no better way to lift your spirits that to bring into your space a vase filled with flowers! They can be wildflowers, garden flowers, or purchased from the local greenhouse but they are all a welcome boost of color and life force energy to brighten your mood. For almost any reason (or no particular reason), consider giving some to a friend or loved one.

The gift of joy you give returns to you ten-fold! That’s good Feng Shui!

Shake it up!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Do you need a change in your life? Are you bogged down? Here’s a quick tip to get things moving in your life.

 Find 27 objects in your home that have not been moved in a year. Move them. Clean and /or dust the area they were in, say out loud “I am ready for a change.”, then put the objects either back where they were or rearrange them to suit you.

Give it a try!

Maintain Me!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Do you have a sticky window, a door that doesn’t shut properly, a loose board, dripping faucet, electrical outlets that don’t work, circuit breakers that continually trip, etc?

Your house is crying out for care! Listen to it! The time and effort it takes to fix small irritants like these pays off big in the long run. You may be preventing an accident, a fire, water damage, and more. The pay off of good maintenance is that you maintain the monetary value of your home as well. You may even be saving energy if you pay attention to how your windows and doors function and by keeping your heating and cooling systems cleaned and serviced.

Every time you encounter a stuck drawer or trip over a curled rug or catch your sweater on a nail sticking out you create aggravation for yourself and others. That negative feeling can build up in the space. These little irritants could be “the straw that broke the camel’s back!” So prevent these stressors before you blow!

That’s good Feng Shui!