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Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Even your calendar needs to be uncluttered!

Do you eagerly look forward to all the activities on your daily agenda? Probably not. We all have tasks that we must schedule but we should approach our schedule mindfully. Plan car trips to do many errands and appointments in a loop. By not going back and forth (retracing you steps), you save gas and time. Allow extra time for traffic, construction, and waiting in lines. This will reduce your stress and make the trip much more enjoyable. Use a highlighter on your calendar for important things like Doctor’s visits, and write at the beginning of the month reminders about oil changes, registration and inspection renewals in red so you won’t forget!

Lastly, eliminate non-essential items from your agenda if they don’t truly benefit you or your family. Communicate with friends and family to share transportation and tasks to create more time for you with less expense.


Saturday, May 24th, 2008

The most common clutter area in most houses is the refrigerator door!

Everything from post-its to pictures seem to show up there. I have seen some that are so covered with magnets, coupons, clippings and photos that I am sure the owners no longer knew what was in that mess!

Consider pulling off everything, washing the door, and putting up a small memo board, one or two cheery pictures and leaving it at that. Years of school pictures of your grandchildren or neices and nephews are not necessary! Put up only the current year’s picture and store the rest in an album. If that is your coupon spot, Check those expiration dates…I bet at least half can be discarded.

Make a vow to clear and update your refrigerator door about two or three months and it will stay clear and uncluttered.

Business cards the Feng Shui way!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Business cards, flyers, and posters are easier to read and hold more positive energy if they are done in a matte finish. Surfaces with a high gloss or shine reflect light into the face of the reader and deflect positive chi.

The matte finish seems to indicate warmth and depth just the way softer material feels against the skin as opposed to shiny cool materials. Don’t print your business cards on very dark paper, it will be hard for people to make a notation on the back! If you are looking for a guarantee that people will keep your card, try making the back side a coupon for a discount on your product or services.

Develop a logo and put it on your card…something simple that enhances rather than clutters up the look of your card. Fewer words, larger type, and a stylish logo will be easier for people to read and remember!

We also suggest requesting recycled paper to reduce the impact on the environment. More trees means more fresh air…and Feng Shui is all about a healthy environment!

Believe it or not, people tend to hold on to business cards longer when they are not super shiny; and two colors that complement each other will tend to draw in the eye! For added interest, consider a card that folds. If it is interesting,it will draw the eye and intrigue people. They will want to know what is inside-like a mystery to be solved.

Making Dinner

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Never prepare food when you are angry or depressed.

The strong emotions that you are experiencing will affect the food. Those who consume it will be forced to “digest” your negative feelings and it will adversely affect them!

On the physical level, you are more prone to drop things, forget to add certain items, or have an accident (like cutting yourself with a knife).

Eating should be a nourishing, pleasant, and leisurely so that digestion is better and the tastes and textures and colors of the food can be fully appreciated. BON APPETIT!


Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

A cluttered Marriage and Relationships area  can cause difficulty in finding a love mate or problems in an existing relationship. What you get will not be what you need or want.

This area is all about matched pairs of objects, beautiful colors, space, light, and soft textures. All the art work and images should bring joy and peace. Images such as those of race cars, roaring lions, city scenes, etc. depict competition, struggle and congestion. Not the best energy for a happy relationship!

calling all collectors

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Lots of us collect something…maybe shot glasses or dolphins or elephants with upturned trunks. Whatever it is, it expresses who you are in your environment. The problem that often happens is that we don’t know when to stop!

I once visited a home that had over 1000 elephants! They overpowered the environment to say the least. Often it’s not our fault. Friends and relatives find out you like something and they give you more at every birthday, or Christmas, or any other time you get a gift!

Collect every item of your collection in one place. Look it over carefully and objectively. Select the ones that really make your heart sing…the ones you truly love. Separate those and look again at what is left. This time remove the ones that are broken, shabby, or have an unpleasant memory associated with them and box them up for a garage sale or donation.

Finally, separate the remainder into two to four groups to be rotated between display and storage. The ones you love the most can find a permanent place to be displayed .

This way you can truly enjoy those special items without letting them take over! It also may be time to tell those well-meaning friends to stop giving you those items. Tell them your collection is complete and thank them for their past contributions!

Happy Collecting!


Letting go…

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Clearing clutter is all about letting go of stuff. The most important thing to know is that it is fear that keeps us holding on. “What if I need it later?”, “What if my kids need it?”, “What if it comes back into style?”, “What if I lose the weight I gained?”, “What if it appreciates in value?”.

The what if’s rarely happen and if they do, you’ll get what you need easily and effortlessly! LET IT GO!